3 Things That You Need to Know About the All-New Google Allo

Google’s recently launched instant messaging app ‘Allo’ took the digital world by storm. But is all the hype around this new entrant worth it? Google Allo boasts of amazing features like Smart Reply, Incognito mode, Shout/Whisper and Google Assistant AI bot. But it faces tough competition from the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Apple’s latest features-studded iMessage. Will Allo overpower its competitors or will this just be another David Vs Goliath battle? We give you 3 reasons why you cannot ignore this new player in the market:

1. Google Assistant

While Google Allo is a late-starter in the chatbot category, it might possibly become the most significant chatbot messaging platform ever. Though for now it does not allow third-party participation and has its own share of limitations, it also features powerful artificial intelligence in the form of a personal assistant.

Its ‘Smart Reply’ feature can parse out requests. Not only can it read the context of your conversation but it can also provide automated responses. For example, if you receive a message about an upcoming birthday, Allo identifies a Happy Birthday and offers to convey ‘Happy Birthday’ on your behalf.

The bot functions like your very own assistant and is capable of setting alarms, searching through emails, suggesting locations to eat, as also solving puzzles (“Is global warming caused by humans”/”What’s the reason for a zebra’s black and white stripes??”. It combines the capabilities of many popular bots into one app.


2. Chats

Google seems to have clubbed the best of chat features from its competitors Messenger, Snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp and Instagram and powerpacked them into a single messaging app. It comes with a bunch of expressions, emojis, stickers (India-specific stickers are available too). You can unleash the artist in you as you get to doodle on the images/photos, increase or decrease the font size of your messages with its amazing formatting feature Whisper/Shout.


3. Social Networking

Apart from the AI, Google Allo is also equipped with many of the features of other social networks. You can add contacts, invite those who are already stored on your mobile device and also send sticker sets to your friends. And, like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, photos can be annotated and altered with different colour pallets. Though it does not allow video calls yet, Allo allows audio messages to connect with your friends across borders.


To conclude, Allo’s powerful A.I is enough to make it the most indispensable bot out there, so watch out for the upgrades.

Google is all set to make a much bigger impact in the smart lives of tomorrow. We are all curious to see how it all works out.


‘Creativity’ is just one of those words that are thrown around quite so often when it comes to marketing. In today’s time, it has become a mere representation for doing things differently from that of the competitions’ efforts. To yield that one different idea or concept after hours of careful research, brainstorming and white board marathons does bring in a great sense of satisfaction; satisfaction that comes from owning or co-founding something new – Much like the warm feeling of triumph an artist gets after brushing the last stroke on a masterpiece.

The question is however, is creativity truly the fruit of absolute creation?

Creativity to some extent follows the laws of energy i.e. easy to transform from one form into the other but very difficult to actually create anew. Whether it’s Da Vinci’s famous portrait or a simple invention like the band aid every new idea or art is directly inspired from a source material. Even the first cave paintings were done to keep a record of events that had already occurred. The formats can vary but there is in almost all cases, some form of inspiration involved in the process; it could have been a memory etched in one’s subconscious, a dream, a person, an event or something as simple as a sound.

In that sense creativity is just a representation of the source – done differently. Stemming from what already exists; can creativity truly be deemed as the process of making something new?

Is it possible to be creative without deriving inspiration from anything? Is it possible to paint or invent out of thin air? While every designer, writer or any other marketing professional for that matter claims to have a new idea or concept in place the source of inspiration will always remain at question. The authenticity of its originality, more so.

Here’s How an Effective Media Plan Can Change the Digital Marketing Landscape

Has traditional advertising become obsolete?

For media planners, the real answer is No. But the complete answer would be just like a relationship status update on social media ‘it’s complicated.’ Studies suggest that digital media buying and planning can be really effective and it certainly competes with TV, print, outdoor and other forms of mass media. According to Google, there are 300 million internet users currently in India and by 2018, the numbers are set to increase to a ginormous 600 million. There is huge paradigm shift happening in digital media consumption across platforms-from mobile devices to desktop, WAP, APP, Social media, Display, Video and Search.

So how does this matter in your digital marketing efforts to ensure a real impact on your bottom line?
What happens in media planning- Your 4-step guide to the media planning and buying process:

a) Defining your media objectives

Identify your business’ overall mission/objective first – ensure that your digital marketing mission fits into your grand plan. Here digital media buying expertise plays a significant role, as it helps in identifying the problem areas and deriving strategic insights that help in devising a proper strategy.

b) Crafting a media strategy using every media touch point

Considering the key insights, media planners can help you effectively handpick the web publishers that meet your requirements. The best of media planners understand that research, tools and tactics play crucial role in crafting a 360° strategy. For example, as a marketer if you believe that establishing online influence will result in creating authentic stories for your brand, then you should opt for an influencer outreach program in your media plan. It will definitely create buzz for your brand in relevant communities.

c) Construing media tactics that incorporates media strategy 

From traditional banners, text ad links, expandable banners, video pre-roll ads, peel backs, audio ads, and more, to full interactive rich media, ensure that your online advertising campaign is an appropriate media mix. If your brand wants to expand its reach in rural markets, why not include a ‘RBT’ in your media mix? Through a ring‐back tone (“RBT”), you can even reach out to rural masses and can opt for music and other kinds of audio entertainment content, resulting in an optimum use of mobile platform.

d) Evaluate the effectiveness of media plan

With the metrics, you will be able to properly demonstrate to their management the business effectiveness of their spending, campaigns and activities. This will not only help in measuring the performance but will also help you gain key insights and learnings, helping you focus on setting the best KPIs for your future campaigns.

Thus, you cannot ignore the importance of the relevance of media planning expertise. Like they say, behind every launch is a successful online advertising strategy that ultimately helps you achieve your marketing objectives.



One of the most interesting campaigns we executed in 2015, was the 3 phased integrated McSpicy launch campaign which started a movement of its kind on digital.
The brief was to rekindle the love for the good-old McDonalds McSpicy Burger whose taste was forgotten by many Indians due to growing competition and price wars. Our task increase buzz and sales of the Mcspicy burger amongst 15-35 year olds.
We knew our TG always stood for something they loved … especially when it’s taken away from them. So we put this insight to test with a Social Media announcement about Mcspicy being taken off the menu! As the nation broke into a frenzy we announced the addition of a new burger.
We unleashed a 3 month long digital war- “The Battle of Mcspicy” where users actually got a choice to retain their favourite burger on the McDonalds menu.

We executed this in 2 phases, wherein in Phase 1, Users were asked to vote for their favourite burger. We created a microsite called battleofspicy.com where the two burgers were pitted against each other and users were asked to vote for the one they favour. Celebrity twins Raghu & Rajeev sided with their individual favourites via TVC’S/ Digital Videos and fuelled the battle between two burgers.

The excitement continued in phase 2 where we launched the McSpicyShowdown. Users had to tweet to fly off a virtual rocket during Diwali for the burger they loved. This thrilling game was brought alive on the microsite which displayed 2 rockets, one for Classic Mcspicy and other for Indi Mcspicy. The more the person tweeted, the higher the rocket of their burger would fly! The game spirit caught on and users tweeted for 7 continuous days with both the teams keeping up the zest and tweeting their love for the respective burgers.
Thus, we utilized the Diwali spirit while adding a gamification quotient to boost the campaign.

In the final phase, we launched another 7 day long contest. With contests conducted every day, right from users telling us their Mcspicy/ Indi Mcspicy slogan to them sending a picture of their expression on savouring their favourite Spicy burger. With the brand engaging in interesting conversations for almost a week, a movement of Mcspicy took over as users got in a massive shout-out for their favourite burger through raps, Dubsmash, bash with movie dialogues and Song Dedication!

We thus started a movement of McSpicy. We retained user’s interest and ensured that they keep coming back to the microsite over a duration of 3 months. The whole of India showed their true love for Mcspicy Burger.

Visit site – http://tonicpublish.com/battleofspicy/

AXN Relaunch as Live R.E.D

Brand : AXN

Challenge :

AXN was stereotyped as an action channel despite its diverse gamut of shows ranging from Dexter, Hannibal, Sherlock, Ray Donovan, and Supernatural.

Objective :

  • Generate awareness about the new positioning of AXN as Live R.E.D (Reality, Entertainment, and Drama)
  • Engage audience on social platforms
  • Introduce the new awaited show – Billions

Insight :

R.E.D aren’t genres, they’re experiences that needs to be felt and understood.

Idea – The Takeover :

A week prior to AXN relaunch, fans on facebook and twitter experienced some strange communication from an unknown entity. Amidst activities around the show #WatchBillions, a persona called R.E.D initiated random conversations on twitter. Curiosity was raised and fans demanded to know who R.E.D is and why was he/she scribbling all over existing posts and tweets. Things only escalated from there.

For three consecutive days R.E.D teased the fans with conversational and funny messages. #WhoIsRED and #REDRules was introduced.






On D-day of Billions premiere, R.E.D promised to reveal its secret identity. Fans were asked to tweet with #LiveRED and #BillionsOnAXN which would unlock a pixel on the website. This is the first of its kind user powered relaunch. The new AXN Live R.E.D logo was reveal pixel by pixel, tweet by tweet and the launch promo was released.


Fans were invited to the premiere of #BillionsOnAXN at a popular pub where they celebrated the show and the relaunch campaign. What better way than to celebrate at the pub!


  • Reach 2,94,99,441 with 23,64,93,910 timeline deliveries.
  • Twitter SoV increased by 20% (36% to 56%)
  • Facebook engagement increased by 5% (2% to 7%)
  • Firstpost periscoped the premiere during the launch – live streaming it for the world to witness.
  • First English channel to have a user powered relaunch


How-to Create an Educational Research Proposal

During Jan I posted 10 posts on (9,414 words), 4 niche site threads (2,444 words), 4 posts on Daily Two-Cents (1,570 words) and 1 post (513 words). Phrases prepared in January’s total amount was 28,997, up from. Three articles were featured during January, and on InfoBarrel. Creating Related Profits for January It was anticipated, although AdSense profits were 1.49 from a niche website down significantly from last month. AdSense earnings I’m altering a vintage website all together remain down and the new host has frequent DNS conditions that the organization doesn’t appear to assume exist. Continue reading How-to Create an Educational Research Proposal

Tonic Media strengthens its leadership team

The new addition to its senior management team is Vijeeth Shetty who joins as the New Initiatives Head

In his new role, Vijeeth will lead new initiatives at Tonic that include InvenTonic, a dedicated practice that partners startups and venture capital funds to accelerate growth. Under his aegis, Invetonic has already commenced its journey by adding 3 new clients- the first one being digital media duties of the search and discovery platform Xploree, along with Flexiport and BillBachao.

Vijeeth will also lend his expertise on strengthening the digital research cell, which aims to fill the void of a digitally driven research agency. He comes with a decade of experience in digital media with stints at agencies like GroupM, Pinstorm and a short stint at Angel Broking where he used to spearhead the digital marketing team. Having worked on several award-winning campaigns in the past, his core areas of expertise include Digital Media, Search, Mobile & Consumer Research.

On his appointment, Shetty says, “It’s an extended adventure for me. I’m quite excited at the prospect of bringing a ‘limitless possibilities’ approach to strategic planning for clients – having traversed the entire spectrum myself. The digital business is undergoing tectonic shifts and the challenge is to master the change for business success. My focus will be on guiding our clients and helm our talent to effectively navigate these changing trends to our advantage.”

Chetan Asher, Co Founder and CEO, Tonic Media, says, “I am delighted to welcome Vijeeth to Tonic at this strategic moment in our journey. As our business gets more dynamic and interconnected every day, we are constantly looking for leaders who can guide our new talent and enable a better, more integrated creative digital strategy for our clients. And Vijeeth seems the right person for it.”

About Tonic Media:

Tonic Media is an integrated digital marketing agency, with offices in Mumbai and Dubai. The agency has a roster of clients across sectors that includes English movie & entertainment channels Sony PIX and AXN, GEC brands such as Sony Tv, Sony MAX, MAX 2, MIX; India’s largest online marketplace – eBay India, as also the largest sporting organizations in the world- NBA (India), Leading QSR Brand McDonald’s’ India and Nutralite amongst other brands.

Having worked with over 200 clients across the globe, Tonic Media is known for its strategic, creative and innovative digital solutions..

AXN India – This Is Us campaign

Event: World Music Day

Brand: AXN

Campaign: #ThisIsUswithAXN


To build AXN as a strong, differentiated brand, that’s a part of today’s pop culture and trends.

To create buzz around the telecast of ‘One Direction’ movie on AXN

To engage and connect with the fans


There is a huge 1D fan following and they are passionate fans who know the lyrics byheart. They usually know all songs and love them


To create the longest running 1D’ fan video. A crowdsourced video where fans would get an opportunity to sing their favourite 1D songs and get featured on this Video and published on AXN platforms


The campaign began a week and half before the launch of the movie. Supported by multiple smaller activities

#BestCarrotMoments was about getting the fans to share memories related to the band from the time they joined the fandom. It brought out a strong feeling of nostalgia among the fans.

During #Misheard1DLyrics we asked fans to share the lyrics of One Direction songs that they had misheard in the past. The result was a hilarious series of tweets from the fans.

#Sketching1D – The fandom is known for their fanart, so we asked them to send us pictures of the 1D related fanart, sketches, doodles that they had created.

#ILove1DBecause – The fans were asked to share the many reasons why the loved the boyband.

The rest of the week was taken up by the #ThisIsUsWithAXN activity, where the fans were asked to share dubsmash videos of their favourite one Direction songs, so that we could create the longest running 1D fan video.

A contest was held on the day of the launch and the users / viewers were engaged with live tweeting during the telecast of the movie


We received an overwhelming response from all One Direction fans during every activity that was conducted.

The dubsmash videos were uploaded by them on platforms such as Vine, which led to the hashtag trending on Vine.

The contest #OneDirectionOnAXN which was held on the launch day, trended in India on Twitter. The live tweeting got the fans to constantly engage with the brand throughout the movie.

We had a total of 1327 contributors during our Twitter contest, giving us a reach of over 3 million and over 40 million impressions..

The longest Social Interview bags Silver at Campaign India in Best use of Social Media Category

At Tonic, we are always encouraged to push the envelope towards executing award-winning campaigns.

We saw the opportunity to “push that envelope” for one of our brands- Sony TV India during the premiere of Dhoom 3 on Sony TV. Dhoom 3 broke several records on its opening days, marking itself as the biggest Bollywood hit of 2013 just within 2 days of release. And hence for us the challenge was to meet these benchmarks during the premiere of the movie on Sony TV.

How do you make the same noise and attract fans to watch it again?

Also, TV channels struggle with loss of viewership during breaks. As fans love an opportunity to interact with their favorite superstar, we came upon a plan where we could utilize breaks during movie to retain viewership. We pitched to the client asking them for some time with Aamir Khan so that fans on social media could actually get to interact with their favorite superstar.

And when the Dhoom 3 Premiere aired on Sony Tv, we used the breaks during the movie intelligently and enabled  the ‘first ever 3.5 hour long LIVE CHAT on TV’ with Aamir Khan where his fans on social media asked him questions and he answered it LIVE during the movie breaks on Sony TV.

For the first time, fans got to see a megastar answering their questions, asked through tweets, being answered on television during primetime. The response was so overwhelming that the campaign drove viewership with the world television premiere of Dhoom 3 on Sony fetching 8.2 TVM, the highest in the time slot across GECs. The hashtag #Dhoom3WithAamir was trending at Number One in India and Worldwide trending no 1 from 8 pm to 12:30 pm.

As the word spread, leading trade magazines and portals covered the ‘Longest Social Interview’ campaign. Our efforts paid off and thanks to the support of all the bosses at Tonic, the SonyTv marketing team and fellow colleagues, our long-awaited dream of winning awards for our client SonyTv came true!

The Campaign Awards were presented during a gala ceremony in Mumbai – as the heavyweights in India’s Digital Marketing industry slogged it out for top honours.

Battling amongst the greats, we won a silver in the “Best Use Of Social Media” category.


‘THIS’ is actually worth it!

The internet is overrun with social networking websites where you chat, share, read and well, show off.

But with the copious amounts of posts, news, memes that are shared every single minute, sometimes some of us feel the urge to take a step, or ten, back and say, “Slow down, will you?” To take care of this overwhelmed section of Netizens, now joining the party is This., a new social media website.

This.cm or @THISdotcm on Twitter, is an emerging website where you can create a profile and talk about and share stuff that you find interesting or care about –  like any other website. What sets This. apart however, is that you can post only one link per day. Yes, a single, solitary link. Which makes This. heaven for those who are okay with knowing of only what they truly care about. Add to this a clutter free interface. Sounds good, right?

This feature that facilitates selectivity is what makes all the difference. The name too, is one that demands you sit up and take notice – tying in the context nicely to the fact that with so much information floating around This. is all you need to know.

The website, which is an invite-only one at the moment, will remind you of Ello, except this one is actually good. There is nothing quite like This. out there. Its staunch belief in quality over quantity makes This. feel more personal as sharing anything on the website automatically demands passion and knowledge.

The interface is minimalistic which makes it appealing. Each link gets a photo banner, headline, and a short description with a byline. The newly launched This. Reader app too, adds to the appeal and make0-x_xIHiPa5Nl8OL8as it stand out.

This. is for the moment you get home and unwind and catch up with the best of what’s going on in the world. The nightly newsletter is an eclectic mix of interesting and sharp content from across publications put together by the editors.
With being called a favorite app of the week by Gizmodo, a few days after its launch, things are looking good for This.

We now wait and watch how other players react to this attempt at changing the game..

Is your brand following the Twitter etiquette?

Be it your personal handle, or your brand’s handle, there are certain dos and don’ts – rules of the road – that you must follow.

Twitter is a great platform to have a one-on-one dialogue with your consumers and understand what they think about you and how you are perceived. Because of its growing popularity and importance, as brands, it is important to follow some guidelinehashtag-quote-550x476s while using Twitter.

#Do #Not #Use #Too #Many #Hashtags #In #Your #Tweets :

It looks bad and does not help your tweets. Don’t go more than three hashtags in one tweet.

Talk Conversational Not Promotional : Social media is about having a conversations. If your content is too self-serving chances are people will unfollow you or hide you. Instead of selling or promoting, ask questions, give tips, share stuff that keeps people glued to your page.

Follow Others In The Industry : Isolation will not help. Following people and brands in your industry and being a part of it will help you come in the spotlight. Also, it is not just about following them. You must comment, re-tweet and engage with them if they share something informational or interesting.

Once You Start, Don’t Stop : Once you start posting on Twitter, keep the momentum going. Of course, it depends on the amount of content you are producing a day. There should be at least one tweet a day. Don’t go days without posting a tweet. Out of sight is out of mind!

Be Prompt : Make sure you are prompt in your response. As a brand, you should always be listening to your users and what they are saying. In case the conversation turns ugly, you can always take it offline.

Cool Chef Cafe broke all norms and thus hampered its identity!.

4 Smart ways to get millennials to give you their money

4 Smart Ways To Get Millennials To Call You Their Favorite Bank

Let’s face it!

The millennials are taking over. This group of teens to almost 30 some-things is becoming the centre of attention for most brands across the board. And it is extremely important for banks to jump on to the millennial wooing bandwagon simply because few years down the line, they will mostly come into familial inheritance.

Over time, these young folks will surely be on the banks’ radars whether professionally or due to inheritances. The difference in behaviour and decision making displayed by the millennials as opposed to generations before them makes it crucial for banks to know their new customers and bring banks and finances to them in a manner they ‘get’.

Use social to innovative:EDGEcreatinginnovativestructuresMAY13 gif

Social media today has undoubtedly grown beyond what we once imagined. And it is inclining rapidly towards user friendly apps. Take multi-social payment apps like Ping Pay that lets you transfer money and recharge your phone through whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter such apps  fascinate millennials today. Another new way of paying bills or shopping without any trouble is by using E-wallets or digital wallets. This is the new fad and trust us, it’s going to stay around for long.

But take the connection beyond online:

At the end of the day, yours is still a bank and you need face to face contact. While a lot can be addressed and resolved online, one must not forget that technology cannot be used for everything.

Enable decisions with information:

Millennials believe in making their own decision after doing their research. Banks can play an important role here by providing them with the right information that they need to determine what works for them. In this way, you can establish brand loyalty and lay the foundation for a long relationship.

Stand out:

What is the differentiating factor that sets your bank apart?

Answer this question with the best mix keeping with your ideologies without seeming artificial and at the same time, striking a chord with the new generation. They are looking for something they would like to be associated with and it is your choice to decide how you are going to be just that.


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