Case Studies

   How we painted the town red with an action-packed campaign

Covering Note/ Overall Experience

AXN as a channel had been long associated with action shows that are all about guns and violent machismo. However, the channel has been diversifying its range of content and adding shows that stood out in the genres of Reality, Entertainment and Drama, going beyond physical action and into the realm of psychological action. With shows such as Sherlock, Hannibal, Ray Donovan, Dexter and Supernatural, AXN has created a wide gamut of shows that were fan favourites as well as critically acclaimed.

The challenge was that the Channel has diverse content, it was largely perceived as an Action Channel.

Our Objectives were:

  • Create awareness about the new positioning of AXN ; viz; Live R.E.D., where R.E.D. = Reality, Entertainment and Drama
  • Build engagement with the new proposition on social platforms
  • Communicate the new show Billions (which was also the most eagerly awaited drama of 2016) brought by the Channel as part of the diverse offering


Our Target Audience comprised of 2 kinds of people

  • The hard core English show viewer who would be the first to catch up on any new series coming up and would have heard about it as soon as its launched in the US
  • he newbies who follow limited shows and follow it largely basis word of mouth or recommendation

We had to communicate and bring alive the proposition of Live Reality, Entertainment and Drama to both the above TG’s

The Insight was that Reality, Entertainment and Drama are not genres, they’re experiences. And they need to be FELT, to be understood.

Our Strategy was to Make users experience the thrill, the adrenaline rush and the Mind Rush!

Creativity & Innovation

An unknown and anonymous takeover of all AXN Social Handles. The campaign was launched a week prior to the relaunch on social platforms where fans on Facebook and Twitter experienced some disturbances, turbulence and some weird communication from a stranger We created a persona called R.E.D. who took over our Twitter and Facebook pages in the middle of activities that centred around Billions and started random conversations with our Twitteratis


Amidst an on-going activity for the show launch of Billions called #WatchBillionsBecause being conducted by AXN, R.E.D. took over the page! He came and started interrupting conversations

Users started getting curious about the stranger called R.E.D. who had started making random conversations and scribbles on existing posts and tweets

The takeover got us a lot of traction and things only escalated from there:

The tweets were conversational and funny, written specifically to engage and build intrigue around R.E.D.

We teased our Twitter fans for three days, with R.E.D. conducting activities like #WhoIsRED and #REDRules.

On the day of the Billions premiere, within which the channel relaunch was going to be unveiled, R.E.D. took over the account AGAIN and promised to reveal its secret this time!.

He asked people to tweet with #LiveRED and #BillionsOnAXN for his identity. In a 1st of its kind User powered relaunch on digital (AXN’s website), with every tweet that users made using the above mentioned hashtag, a pixel got unlocked from a visual on the website. With every incoming tweet, we revealed the new AXN Live R.E.D. logo pixel by pixel and the launch promo!

People tweeted at an unprecedented rate and very soon, the Live R.E.D. logo was revealed on social. Fans responded to us with screengrabs that they took of the website

R.E.D. finally revealed its identity as the official communication from AXN and showcased its new range of diverse content in its promo While we excited Newbies with the above, we also conducted an on ground launch exclusively for category influencers & hard core English show viewers. Users and Show loyalists were invited to the premiere of Billions on AXN in a party at a popular pub. Users there not only enjoyed the show Billions 1st episode in this exclusive party but also were communicated the new proposition and the relaunch campaign amidst the premiere


R.E.D painted the town red with the below given results! Reach: 2,94,99,441 with 23,64,93,910 Timeline deliveries! Not only was the campaign a huge success, but because of the activity, we were able to host an exclusive Billions Premiere where our Twitteratis Live-tweeted the pilot with us. Not only that, but Firstpost Periscoped the Premiere during the launch, live-streaming it for the world to see. Over all Twitter SoV as a result of this campaign increased by 20% (from 36% to 56%) and Facebook engagement increased by 5% (from 2% to 7%) And beyond it all, we were the first English Channel to have a Twitter powered Relaunch that translated into an onscreen re-branding as well! All in all, our fans, our audiences and our social followers helped us #LiveRED to the fullest.

New Logo Liking Post Relaunch

-73% like the new logo*,

-Some Verbatim - “Its dynamic, feels a refreshed visual identity”, “The X is bigger/meaner and the overall appearance is more bold”,

Spontaneous Tagline Recall within the EEC genre

-Post Relaunch: Live R.E.D recalled 18% (Pre Launch: No strong recall of any tagline of any channel)

-Tagline association – Post launch, 70% of the viewers have correctly identified the tagline “Live R.E.D”

Tagline Association with AXN

-Pre Launch – 61% said Its Thrilling