Case Studies

   This strategy got everyone battle it out over their favorite burger

Covering Note/ Overall Experience

Remember the good-old McDonalds Mcspicy Burger? Ironically many other Indians had forgotten the taste of the premium burger, Mcspicy due to growing competition and price wars. Our task was to rekindle the love while increasing buzz and sales of the Mcspicy burger amongst 15-35 year olds.


We knew our TG always stood for something they loved … especially when it’s taken away from them. So we put this insight to test with a Social Media announcement about Mcspicy being taken off the menu! As the nation broke into a frenzy we announced the addition of a new burger.

Creativity & Innovation

We unleashed a 3 month long digital war- “The Battle of Mcspicy” where users actually got a choice to retain their favourite burger on the McDonalds menu via Microsite


A parallax microsite design which was mobile and tablet friendly was created where Users could vote for their favourite burger

Phase 1 : Users were asked to vote for their favourite burger - We created a microsite called where the two burgers were pitted against each other and users were asked to vote for the one they favour. Celebrity twins Raghu & Rajeev sided with their individual favourites via TVC’S/ Digital Videos and fuelled the battle between two burgers

Phase 2: The McSpicyShowdown in which users tweeted to fly off a virtual rocket during Diwali for the burger they loved - The Phase 2 began with utilizing Diwali spirit and adding a gamification quotient to boost the campaign.

The microsite displayed 2 rockets, one was for Classic Mcspicy and other for Indi Mcspicy! The more the person tweets, higher the rocket of their burger would fly! The game spirit caught on and users tweeted for 7 continuous days with both the teams keeping up the zest and tweeting their love for the respective burgers.

Phase 3: A massive shout-out for their favourite burger through raps, Dubsmash, bash with movie dialogues and song dedications!

In their final phase, we launched another 7 day long contest named, Spicy Showdown. With contests conducted every day, right from users telling us their Mcspicy/ Indi Mcspicy slogan to them sending a picture of their expression on savouring their favourite Spicy burger. With the brand engaging in interesting conversations for almost a week, a movement of Mcspicy took over as users got in a massive shout-out for their favourite burger through raps, Dubsmash, bash with movie dialogues and Song Dedication!


We started a movement of Mcspicy. We retained user’s interest and ensured that they keep coming back to the microsite over a duration of 3 months. The whole of India showed their true love for Mcspicy Burger.

  • The Mcspicy Category grew by 66%, thereby helping grow the overall premium burgers category
  • Highest Same Store Sales Growth in the last 2 and half years.
  • Over 18,000 conversations on Twitter with a unique reach of 132, 62,722.
  • More than 4 lakh users engaged on the microsite
  • The Battle of Spicy campaign resulted into McDonalds India being amongst the top 2 buzziest brands of the month by Brand Equity.