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Kissanpur - Where what you grow is what you eat!

KissanKissan (Hindustan Unilever) launched a three month campaign to activate users to learn more about the brand by growing tomatoes. Tomato seeds were distributed through morning edition of leading Indian newspaper. To persuade users to participate & consistently engage with Kissan through this journey, Tonic Media developed ‘Kissanpur’, an interactive website.

The website was greeted by unprecedented enthusiasm by parents who led their children to grow tomatoes in their own home using website as a reference point for various aspects right from planting the seeds to finally plucking the fruits.

With the launch of the campaign, Tonic Media also focused on social media properties and it did bear fruits of success. Kissan's Facebook page saw a jump of 1 lakh 'likes' while its Twitter presence witnessed growth of more than 100% in terms of followers. The journey began with #Kissanpur trending on twitter India right upon launch.

With strategic communication, Kissan India's Facebook page saw a 109.45% increase in people talking about the brand. The daily organic reach jumped up by 144% with interesting posts that were based on contest participation, consumer insights/opinion polls, food talk, parents & kids, recipes, Kissan Products, & more...

  Campaign Screenshots: (Click to enlarge)

As more and more people grew steadily interested in the idea of planting their own tomatoes and growing it at home, over 30% of the traffic on the official website ( came from Social Media efforts.

Tonic Media augmented the excitement with exciting mailers, SMS alerts and interesting apps & micro-contests. At every stage kids were rewarded for their efforts. We also developed a flash based application allowing kids to create their "Own Kissan Ketchup Bottle Label" along with their photograph on it. The campaign was seamlessly blended with an offline event - a tomato farm right in the heart of Mumbai, supported by Facebook Event & a web-based trivia "The Hunt for Kissanpur".

The campaign successfully closed with a whopping 2 lakh+ hits on the website, Over 3,00,000 Fans and 51,000+ registrations on the website taking the engagement at its peak during last leg of the campaign: ‘The Hunt for Kissanpur’.

Case Studies