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How #UnboxWithLiva turned Bloggers into passionate brand advocates and made head turn on social media


Aditya Birla group was launching their new range of the flowy, elegant, Fluid fabric called “LIVA” We had to put the spotlight on the uniqueness of the fabric? But, how do we get our Target Audience, women, from the age 18 -45 years, who usually focus on the outfit, to get aware and make a conscious choice about the fabric that goes with the Outfit! On doing a quick dipstick, we found out that women often browse through popular fashion blogs online to acquaint themselves with the latest trends With the growing community of online fashion bloggers, the digital strategy was to use their online klout as an opportunity

Creativity & Innovation

We launched #UnboxWithLiva - an Experiential Marketing Blogger strategy This was an offline and digital integrated event to influence the influencers We wanted them to eventually influence our TG Online through their blogs and social vehicles


It all started when we sent a secret invite to 15 influential fashion bloggers for an exclusive experience and event. This created excitement amongst the bloggers who expressed their delight by tweeting about the invite. From the world of fashion, media and modelling, around 20 celeb personalities turned out in their full LIVA glory for the #UnboxWithLiva event. These noted personalities participated in a gamut of activities

There were games where Fashionistas were pitted against each other to showcase creative ways of draping the Liva Fabric

Bloggers were also given an opportunity to dress up in some of the best designer wear made from Liva Fabric and experience the fluidity and comfort

Noted experts also came and spoke about Current Fashion trends

Fashionistas experienced a fulfilled event which also empowered them with latest trends and introduced them to the new age fabric!

Influencers expressed their passion about the fabric with a series of blogs and updates around #UnboxWithLiva

Videos and quotes from popular celebs not only created awareness but also showcased it as a preferred fabric brand recommended by these Influencers


The activity resulted into Liva being amongst the top 3 buzziest brands of the month. Not only bloggers expressed delight about the brand but users started picking up the conversation too

We got around 2000+ Conversations on Twitter with 6 Million Impressions. Over 4 lakh views on video montage on YouTube and Facebook. 18 Blogs from top Fashion Bloggers in the country

50% increase in Brand Tie-ups. Around 61 lakh garments tagged on

And this is how UnboxWithLiva turned Bloggers into passionate brand advocates and the spotlight was was turned on the fabric!