Case Studies

   How this campaign got all ears tuned in to UE speakers

Covering Note/ Overall Experience

Branded entertainment is exploding in India as marketers endeavour to mitigate advertising avoidance by reaching consumers through shared passions and values. The most popular approaches are product integration into TV shows or movies, licensing deals with musicians and curated content or experiences. The transactions are simple: A brand pays to be associated with an entertainment property and leverages it to appeal to its audience.

But there’s a stark difference between co-opting culture and creating it. Our challenge was to breakout of the clutter of wireless speakers to earn Ultimate Ears the attention of young, fickle music fans.


The Strategy was to develop an original series powered by their new wireless speaker, UE BOOM that would capture the imaginations of these fans and rekindle their love for listening to music out loud. We selected the artists. We contrived the experiments for testing the power of music.

Creativity & Innovation

So we set out to make music social again by creating the category’s first Social Music Player—a wireless speaker that’s made to rage, riot, party and play the music you love, out loud. Then we put it to the test.

We teamed up with Music Maestro Luke Kenny and Standup Comedian Utsav Chakrobarty to produce an original series powered by UE BOOM called The Social Music Experiment.

Luke Kenny and Utsav Chakraborty conducted a variety of real world experiments to see if music can get you a date on Valentine’s Day to Can Music get you to Play Holi before Holi.


The Social Music Experiment was Ultimate Ears’ first successful foray in branded entertainment. Every piece of the program was designed to maximize Ultimate Ears’ engagement with young music fans.

Publicity trumped paid media as music and entertainment celebrities promoted the series with more credibility than we could have through advertising.

The series was syndicated across various websites like,


Within the first three months, 1, 75,000+ people watched Social Music Experiment introducing the speaker to millions of music fans.

Around 10000+ conversations on Social Media.

The series earned 60 million impressions on Twitter

#SocialMusicExperiment Trended in India for 6 days in India

Ultimate Ears originated the video, winning over the hearts of young music fans. Everything drove to UE’s website where we delivered additional content and relevant product messaging.

The series even helped UE pioneer the idea of a social music player—establishing itself as a thought-leader in the category.