Case Studies

   This campaign set all tongues wagging

Covering Note/ Overall Experience

Nutralite is not just a healthy alternative to butter, but it can also be used for shallow frying and sometimes as a replacement for oil.

It has zero cholesterol and does not contain hydrogenated fats. The objective was to increase usage of Nutralite and increase sales by promoting recipes with Nutralite.

Change habits and convert butter users to Margarine users.


Apart from women between the ages of 24 to 45 being our Target audience. We realise the most potential target audience are those who are hungry, those who are searching for food. People tend to get tempt more when they look at food images if they are hungry, which highly increases their chances of clicking at food ads. We wanted to hit the ads right when people want to have it. The Strategy was to dominate Hunger time bands.

Creativity & Innovation

The idea was to dominate Hunger time bands. We thus ran display banner ads with scrumptious looking food shots of Nutralite recipes during the time when users usually have hunger pangs.


We ran the ads only between following intervals:

8am to 10am , 12pm to 2pm , 5pm to 6pm , 8pm to 10pm

People are usually hungry during these time gaps. The idea was simple. We wanted to show delicious food pictures to people exactly when they were hungry.

The google search engine showed an ad for a food recipe which is healthy during these time intervals. Various pictures of scrumptious delicacies like Dabeli, Pav bhaji, dal makhni etc were used, each with a twist of Nutralite. When the imaged is clicked on, it took the user to a recipe page of the same delicacy.


This Display campaign proved to be an enormous success to the brand. Not only did the website traffic increased by 739.13%, but the success also was also quantified. The sales number in the quarter increased by 81.9%. This is the first time when a brand like Nutralite has utilized hunger pangs to drive traffic to their website