What We Do

Our deeds amount to a lot of things, but at zero blab level we are a global digital AGENCY and we execute the big idea across media, mobile and interactive. With change as a constant parameter in the digital industry, we are constantly tracking global trends and adapting it to benefit our clients and their Consumers.

We create strategic BRAND conversations that interests stakeholders and deliver cutting edge solutions and results to our brand partners. From websites, mailers to viral ideas, our clients do swear by the prescriptive power of Tonic.

We UNDERSTAND businesses, effectively interpret your communications and implement your methods through a DIGITAL PLATFORM that helps your business grow. From creative designs to thought-over content, together we fit every bit of the jig-saw puzzle, to craft an engaging online experience that your customers will not only relate to but also consider.

We take your message CLOSER to your TARGET audience, setting up a platform for your business that opens prospective avenues worldwide. Harnessing the best of the Internet, and with our PPC & online advertising campaigns, we help you optimize your business, your online marketing budget and help you achieve the best possible ROI.


  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Online advertising / campaign management
  • Social Media Optimization and Management
  • Interactive presentations and virals
  • Pay per Click (ppc) advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Mobile Solutions and Marketing
  • Creative and Tech innovations
  • Strategic solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Influencer Strategy, outreach and management
  • Digital solutions for Shopper Marketing / Digital Activations
  • Video production
  • Online Reputation Management

In what we believe

Remember us saying, we love all things digital? These are our vehicles to give global businesses that quintessential edge we were talking about! Clearly, the web's our playground with Shifting paradigms, fighting norms, finding the edge, seeking harmonious solutions, creating benchmarks, redefining state of art, and obviously pleasing our clients.

All of these clich├ęs in which we thoroughly believe have founded the core ethics of our approach - to create experiences that are meaningfully digital!